The Mobile Applications industry is booming

Has your business spent thousands of dollars on pens, calendars or key chains ?

Why do you do this ?
It’s to provide something useful to your customers and it keep your companies brand in front of them.
So they pick up the pen, their keys or look at the calendar and see you logo and name if they can find them.

What does that cost ? How long do they keep it ?

Now think about the last time you left the house without your phone. Would you go back for it ?

Would you spend a day, half a day or an hour without it ? Would your customers ?

So if your patrons could have a mobile app on their phone, that not only has information on your business
but usefully things like a mortgage calculator, tip calculator, find my car or a QR Scanner.
Do you not think that would be a good marketing tool.

We think it is a great marketing tool.
Give us a call to find out how reasonable a Mobile App designed for your company can be.

Oh, and through a mobile app you can also send push notification messages directly to your customers phone
to let them know what’s new within your business.