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Trying to get IE 11 back after upgrading to Windows 10

Some internet sites use JavaScript which is specific to Internet Explorer. If you or your friends are frustrated trying to get Internet Explorer version 11 back after upgrading your operating system to Windows 10, read on .....

IE 11 runs under Windows 10. What is a bit confusing is that when Win 10 initially comes up, it tends to promote the use of the new browser called "Edge" . It takes a little bit of digging around to find IE11 but it's there.

First, open a website using "Edge" - then....

1) While in Edge, click on the three little dots up at the top right
2) Select "Open in Internet Explorer". This give you an icon for IE 11 in the bottom task bar.
3) Right click on that icon and choose "Pin to TaskBar". This gives you a permanent icon for IE 11 in the taskbar
4) Look for the Edge icon, right click on it, then "remove from taskbar" if you prefer.

This all makes IE 11 a little more visible and Edge a little less so.

Written by Mike Penny

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