Overview of SP Page Builder

Moving elements around a webpage.

Adding PDF to Document

We love page builder and are now adding it to any website that our clients would like to edit them selves. One thing we have found that Page Builder does not handle well is linking and uploading documents, like Word or PDF's. In this video we show you the process. Relax it’s not that hard.

Pixlr Resizing Images

You have any image that needs to be a specific size to fit on your website, but you don't have photo editing program.
Pixlr.com to the rescue.

Pixlr is a free online photo editing program with many great features.

In this video we show you how to resize a photo using Pixlr so it will fits nicely into your website.

Website: http://pixlr.com

Adding a PDF doc to a Joomla menu

This tutorial shows you how to upload and add a PDF document to a Joomla menu.

Basic SP Page Builder

Moving elements and editing text.


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