Back End Overview

In this video we give you a quick overview of the mobile app administrator.

Create Sliding Background Images

Our platform allows for a great deal of customization, especially when it comes to background images. You can assign unique background images to nearly every feature and add animated images to your home screen for a more dynamic user experience.

How Use Sliding Images

Sliding Images are a great way of displaying images of your business. Photos of products, service or specials are easy to add to your mobile app.

Events Feature

The Events feature is a robust option for event promotion. An upgrade to the original Events feature, this improved option adds user engagement and social media integration, plus importing options and advanced recurring event customization.

Food Ordering

The Food Ordering feature is a simple and effective way for restaurants to start taking orders through their mobile app. With delivery & takeout options, payment through the app, and a customization of a menu with add-ons and pricing options, you have full control.



The Reservation feature is a great option for restaurants, beauty salons, offices, and more! Using the built-in booking system, users can reserve time slots for various services, and you can fill up your calendar without having to take calls or reply to emails non-stop.

Customer Loyality

In this video we show you how to set up customer loyalty feature in your mobile app.

Give your customers an incentive to visit your business with a modern version on a stamp card. Offer discounts of free products for clients that frequently visit your location.

QR Code Coupons

The QR Scanner feature is a useful tool that can scan any QR code your users come upon. A QR code is essentially a scannable URL. They're commonly used for promotional & informational purposes. 

Web Page Linking Feature

Create links from your app to mobile websites like Yelp.


Promote Your Mobile App

Here we show you how to promote your mobile app.
Here are 65 ways to promote your app.

Short Cuts

Place icons on your home screen to let users quickly link to your mobile app features.


Music Feature

Share or sell music from your mobile app.


News Feature

The News Feature keeps your mobile app users up to date with issues with that relate to your business or service.

Mailing List Feature

The Mailing List feature is a great way to collect contact info from your app users and steadily build out your subscriber list. Paired with push notifications, this feature helps you get the most out of your app's marketing capabilities.

Mobile App Analytics

Here we show you how to check your mobile app analytics.

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